Dark web

In everyday lifestyle, we all use Internet widely but it is only 5% of whole World Wide Web and a huge part of the Internet is hidden from us. Which called Dark Web and Deep Web is part of the Deep web. Dark Web is a place where all illegal stuff happened. The Web has two types,


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  • Surface Web.

  • Deep Web.

dark web

Surface Web: – it is the web which contents are indexed on any search engine. Means every single website which we can see on Google or any other search engine, it is an apart of Surface Web. This iceberg photo is an example of the web. Iceberg over the surface of the water is an example of Surface Web.

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 Deep Web: – It is part of the web which cannot access by normal people. Cause it is not indexed by any search Engines.  Deep Web is 500 times bigger than Surface Web.  If you have a URL of the website then and then you can access these websites.  It contains Government’s secret documents, cloud storages, & top secret military databases. Dark Web: –    Dark Web it is part of Deep Web. Where every illegal stuff happened (hacking, Selling Drugs, Weapons trading, human trafficking, Hitman hiring.

It can only Be Accessed by using TOR (the onion router) browser. Because on Dark Web every website has an extension (.onion) so to surf dark web need Tor browser. It is nearly impossible to track someone on Dark Web because tor browser working on the highly encrypted technology.


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